Self-Regulation Book for Kindergarten and Beyond

What if a book can help your child with self-regulation? A self-regulation book filled with grounding and breathing exercises that will help them navigate the big world of emotions.

I created that book, inspired by my daughter on the Autism spectrum. My hope is that this book becomes a companion book for all kids struggling with anxiety, frustration, sensory overload, and other big emotions. Let me show you what it’s all about.

My Calming Book - A self-regulating book for kids

My Calming Book – A Self-Regulation Book for Kids

I was inspired to create this book as self-regulation is an essential skill for children to learn. It helps them manage their emotions, control their impulses, and make thoughtful decisions. I wanted to empower children in this area by giving them a companion book they could use. You can see it here.

Self-Regulation Book Activities

As I mentioned above, the book is filled with self-regulation activities that can be done independently or in a sequence. Throughout the book, the child will read some inspiring words on the left and then move on to the activity presented on the right.

Most of the activities in the book require some action, such as tracing, counting, breathing, etc. It creates a sensory experience that enhances the benefit of the book.

I designed the book in a way that it could be completed in 5-10 minutes but the child may only need to do one or two exercises in order to feel better! The exercises could be done anywhere, anytime.

Breathing Exercises for Kids

Breathing exercises are good for many reasons. It calms the nervous system, increases focus and attention, helps in managing emotions, and promotes relaxation.

Incorporating imagery in the book makes the experience more enjoyable. It’s also helpful to practice these exercises regularly with your child to reinforce their understanding and build their self-regulation skills. Breathing exercises can be done anywhere, anytime and that’s why we love them so much!

breathing exercise for kids

Grounding Exercises for Kids

Grounding exercises help kids connect with the present moment and create a sense of stability and calm. Throughout the book, they will be asked to do various exercises that will require some focus, bringing their attention to the present moment.

Some exercises will ask them to trace an image with their finger, another will ask them to count backward. All the exercises are very easy to do, for kids as young as 4 years old. Please note that some guidance may be required for a child who cannot read.

grounding exercise for kids

How to Use the Self-Regulation Book

I created the book with the intention that it would become a companion book for kids. They could either sit and do every exercise in the book or simply do a few until they feel better.

self-regulation book with child

Free PDF Download

As a thank you for purchasing the book, you will get a link to a free PDF download of some of the exercises in the book. You can find the link at the end of the book. You can view all our books here.

I’ll leave you with one last tip. Make sure to always leave the book nearby or bring it along on trips. The child will get used to using the book and may even start asking for it as a tool to feel better.

Please note that this is not intended to be medical advice. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, please consult with a doctor or occupational therapist.

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