Sensory Path Ideas and Examples

I’ll share some sensory path ideas that you can do yourself and also some that you can purchase. As a mom of a beautiful autistic kinder, she inspires me every day for new paths for all kids to enjoy!

Sensory paths are great for various reasons but mostly to help kids learn while they are moving. Action-based learning is so important to all kids but even more for kids like my daughter who learn best in the most unconventional ways!

sensory path ideas

Sensory Path Ideas and Examples

I love how versatile a sensory path can be. The sky is the limit really. You can create your own with chalk, with some sensory boards, or even by printing our free sensory path download. Let me share a few of my favorites.

DIY Sensory Paths

In this section, I’ll be sharing some sensory path ideas that you can do yourself. You might need a printer and some supplies for some of the ideas, like chalk or other items.

calming book

DIY Chalk Sensory Path

I love this video by Kid Power Therapy Services. They really show how great a chalk sensory path can be! (and so easy & affordable!)

Here is another example. Very colorful and bright, not all sensory paths need to be the same!

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And then you have one like this, where it’s like WOW. This artist really went above & beyond to create an amazing sidewalk chalk sensory path. How beautiful is this!

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DIY Sensory Path

Here are some sensory path ideas that you can make yourself, with either some printables or some items you may have at home.

The first idea I’ll share is one you may have seen on social media. This path was made with various cutting boards and materials. It’s a pretty neat idea and it creates a highly sensory experience for the kids.

Source – Pinterest

The next idea is our very own free sensory path that you can download and print or use with your vinyl machine at home.

free sensory path printable

Another interesting idea made with foam tiles. They simply glued some sensory materials to the foam tiles and created a sensory path for the kids!

Source – Pinterest

You can also create a sensory path with painter’s tape (or any type of tape to be honest!). Here’s one example with painter’s tape.

Source – Pinterest

And here’s another sensory path idea you can create with colored electrical tape! We did this one in our hallway when my daughter was only 3.

DIY Sensory Path Tape

You can also use electrical tape to create a sensory path hopscotch like this one on a yoga mat!

hopscotch sensory path

Sensory Paths Decals

Sensory path decals are basically floor decal stickers that can be applied almost anywhere. They are more durable, have an anti-slip surface, and are also odorless.

I am proud to offer a great product with the highest quality materials on the market. We produce all our sensory paths in-house. You can see a behind the scene video below.

@funsensoryplay Make a sensory path order with me! We print all our paths in house with the highest quality products and ink. We are proudly one of the only providers using Greenguard certified inks, selling odorless prints that are fire and slip rated! #sensorypathways #sensorypathscanada #sensorypathsforschools #sensorypaths #sensorypathwayhallways #sensoryhallway #funsensorypaths ♬ Positive Vibes – Soundbeaver

A glimpse at the quality of our paths

Some of our most popular sensory paths are below. If you’d like a custom design, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Raindrop Hopscotch Sensory Path
Alphabet Dots Sensory Path Decals
Frog Hop Sensory Path
Sensory path lady bug
Mirror Me Sensory Path
Shape Sensory Path

You can see all our designs here or get more information about our sensory paths here.

Please note that this is not intended to be medical advice. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, please consult with a doctor or occupational therapist.

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