Best Oobleck Recipes Available

10 Best Oobleck Recipes

I found the best oobleck recipes and I wanted to share them with you! Oobleck is so fun. If you’ve made it, you have to try one of these recipes.

Oobleck is a fun activity that all kids and even adults enjoy. It can be a great family playtime activity, indoors or outdoors. Let me share the best recipes with you.

Best Oobleck Recipes

10 Best Oobleck Recipes

1 – 2-Ingredient Oobleck Recipe

A super simple and easy recipe. Inspired by the book, add some green coloring to make it like Seuss.

2 – Rainbow Oobleck

A simple oobleck recipe with a twist. I love this one as it creates a great visual sensory activity for kids. 

3 – Potato Oobleck

Yes, you’ve read that correctly! It is possible to make oobleck with potato starch. I was most surprised by its really silky texture. You’ll love it.

4 – Baby Powder Oobleck

If you have some leftover baby powder in the pharmacy, use it to make some oobleck.

5 – Tapioca Flour Oobleck

Many people ask if they can make oobleck without cornstarch. The answer is yes and this is one recipe that uses an alternative to cornstarch. The secret ingredient is tapioca flour.

6 – Sandy Oobleck Recipe

I love this variation of oobleck. Although I do prefer a soft & silky oobleck, this variation adds a sensory aspect to it by adding sand to your oobleck.

7 – Fluffy Shaving Cream Oobleck

Shaving cream is the magic ingredient that will turn your oobleck into a soft and fluffy version. Love how easy it is to make it!

8 – Baking Soda Oobleck

This version doesn’t require any cornstarch! You simply need some baking soda and baking powder.

9 – Jell-O Scented Oobleck

Playing with oobleck is a great sensory experience. Add some Jell-O to the mix and you get some brightly colored oobleck that smells amazing!

10 – Chocolate Mud Oobleck

Who doesn’t love chocolate and mud? Make this recipe and let the kids play with their favorite farm animals or little yellow machinery.

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