Scavenger Hunt Cube for Kids

Scavenger Hunt Cube Printable

Scavenger hunts are so fun! The Scavenger Hunt Cube is a great activity for the whole family, no matter your age. It’s a fun way to get kids moving and learning all at once. 

They boost their observation skills all while learning in a fun & relaxing way.  Let’s be honest – it’s way more fun to hunt for the color red or a triangle than writing it out on paper. 

Here is our unique spin on a scavenger hunt!   Our Sensory Activity Cube was so popular that we got inspire to create this: 

Sensory Scavenger Hunt Cube Printable

How to make it:

Step 1 – Print the printable (link below).

Step 2 – Cut the outer shape. 

Step 3 – Fold the cube shape on dotted lines.

Step 4 – Apply glue to designated areas. (you can also tape the cube).  
Tip:  It’s easier to do one flap at a time. 

Step 5 – Fold the cube.

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How to play:

Here’s how to play the game.  Let your child throw both dice.  On one, it will tell them what they need to find.  On the other dice, they’ll see a number.   That’s the number of items they need to find.  

You can also print one cube per child and have them do a fun competition of who finds their own objects faster. 

Download your printable here

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