No-Mess Bubblewrap Roller Painting

We love bubblewrap painting.  But you see, my little girl hates to get her hand dirty.  It’s a sensory thing.  This momma is always trying to find ways for her to enjoy things without the full effect of getting messy.   Here’s what I came up with! 

You will need :
– Long Paper Roll 
– Bubblewrap 
– Sheet of paper, cardboard, etc.
– Paint
– Tape 

Step 1 – Cut a strip of bubblewrap long enough for you to roll it around 3 times or more.  The thickness helps with the no mess.   Leave about 3 inches on each side of the paper roll uncovered.  Long enough for a grasp on each side. 

Step 2 – Tape the bubblewrap so that it stays put. 

Step 3 – Grab a sheet of paper and use tape to secure it. 

Step 4 – Put dots of paint all over the sheet and let your kid roll over it to paint on the sheet. 

Let them roll away and create some awesome art!   Want more fun?  Let them roll on long flat pieces of cardboard boxes! 

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