Sensory Bin Review Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin Review

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins – My review

Sensory bins are simply amazing.  I love creating the bins and I love to play with them (with my child of course!).  But let’s be real – as busy moms, we don’t always have time to prepare them.

This is why I got REALLY excited when I saw the new Sensory Bins by Creativity for Kids.  I thought – FINALLY, a trusted and well-known company is going to make our family lives so much easier!  But more importantly, give our kids more opportunities to explore the world with sensory play.

Disclosure – I was offered free products in return for an honest, unbiased review.
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Why is sensory play so important?

Sensory play is important for all kids as it helps them discover their world through their senses. 

With sensory play, we interact with touch, sight (think brightly colored items), sounds (hear the water dripping or little rocks falling to the bottom of the bin) and so much more.  Kids learn best when they are playing and sensory play is no exception.

Sensory play can also be used as a therapy tool for kids with sensory sensitivities, Autism, ADHD, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Anxiety, and more.  

Through sensory play, I was able to help my daughter and desensitize her to many different sensations.  It’s an amazing tool!  See some easy sensory activities you can do with your child.

What are the benefits of Sensory Bins?

Sensory bins are so popular right now!  You’re probably seeing them everywhere on social media.  Why is it so popular? I love sensory bins for the simple reason that it is, for the most part, contained fun!   The bins are usually loaded with sensory fun items which can provide hours of sensory play for your child. 

Another benefit of sensory bins is that they provide an opportunity for open-ended independent play.  Your child can be as creative as they want with the items at their disposal.

Sensory bins can bloom their creativity and help them develop fine motor skills.
And I should mention one last benefit – it can be of great help to parents who are trying their hardess to entertain their child!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins Selection:

Sensory Bin Construction Creativity for Kids
Construction Zone


Sensory Bin Dinosaur Dig Creativity for Kids
Dinosaur Dig


Sensory Bin Garden and Critters Creativity for Kids
Garden & Critters


Sensory Bin Ice Cream Creativity for Kids
Ice Cream Shop


Sensory Bin Ocean and Sand Creativity for Kids
Ocean & Sand


Sensory Bin Outer Space Creativity for Kids
Outer Space


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My Review of the Sensory Bins

I am the one who reached out to Creativity for Kids – that’s how excited I was! 
They were kind enough to send me some boxes to review and share my honest opinion with all of you.

Creativity for Kids’ new Sensory Bins are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.  
We received the Outer Space bin as well as the Ocean & Sand Sensory Bin.

Each bin is made of sturdy plastic and has a good quality lid – perfect for stacking when storing them away.  Each bin came loaded with sensory supplies like water beads, rocks, soft sand and more. 

I love that the bins have pretty high walls which can help with containing the mess (more on that later).  The bins (and its content) have been safety tested for kids ages 3 and up.   Super important to know!

 In all honesty, I really love these sensory bins!  All in all, Creativity for Kids has 6 different themes you can choose from.  I’m sure you can find one that your kid will love!

I will be reviewing Outer Space Sensory Bin as well as Ocean & Sand Sensory Bin.

Outer Space Sensory Bin by Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin Outer Space
Creativity for Kids – Outer Space (Picture Source:


(affiliate link)

I love the contrast of colors in this bin!  The gravel is mostly black with some brightly colored ones which really pop!  You can find some neon-colored springs (my daughter’s favorite!), squishy neon yellow alien, some pompoms, foam planets, an Astronaut, and some glow-in-the-dark stars. 

The bin also comes with accessories to scoop & dig through the gravel.   Make it more fun by adding some little containers. That’s the only thing I wish they had thought of – adding a few little containers into which they could dump the rocks.  That would make it even more fun!   Otherwise, this box is perfect! 

Ocean & Sand Sensory Bin by Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin Beach Water Beads
Creativity for Kids – Ocean & Sand (Picture Source –


(affiliate link)

This one is my daughter’s favorite sensory bin.  I honestly think its probably the one that looks the best.  The bin includes a super soft sensory sand that is very easy to mold and sift.

My daughter’s adores the combination of the “water” area made of water beads and sand, divided by some nice big rocks!  The bin comes with a variety of animal figures as well as some molds.

The bin also comes with accessories to sift the sand and scoop which makes this bin so fun! I love this bin because of the variety of textures and colors.  I think that’s why my daughter loves it so much too!

Now, what I don’t like… is that sand. Like any type of really fine sand, it can get everywhere if the play isn’t contained.  So do your best, but don’t worry too much – it’s fairly easy to clean!  Just make sure you rinse those hands pretty quickly.

I was also worried that the water beads would dry out, but I have to say that after 3 weeks of playing with the bin, they are still “wet” and great!  I would advise to leave just a little bit of water at the bottom of the bin.

After two weeks of play, still great!

Now here’s what I love about both these bins.  I have them stored in our main closet and whenever I see boredom setting in, I take one out.  I lift the lid and voilà, we have a sensory play set up.  And believe me, I have the pictures to prove that this can be done really fast, even at 6:30am! 

No running around to find supplies, no lack of creativity, no stress. 
It brings joy to my daughter and relief to mommy.  Thank you Creativity for Kids for making our parenting life easier.

Best of all, other parents are loving them too!   

Taryn says “I’ve made my own before but the convenience factor is unbeatable.  They did a really good job.  Not to mention how much talking it got my son to do!”. You can see him enjoying the bins below! 

In conclusion, these bins are simply amazing and a win for our family.  And as you can see – for other families as well!   In little to no time, your child can be playing within minutes!   Plus they give your child an opportunity to learn with sensory play.  The best of both worlds!   You can read more about the importance of sensory play.

I received free products in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. 
This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclosure

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