All About Me Free Printable Worksheet Preschool

The All About Me Worksheet is a fun activity to do with all kids every year. All kids love to express their preferences and talk about themselves. Preschoolers are no exception. Read on for your free all about me printable worksheet for preschool.

All About Me Free Worksheet Printable for Preschool

All About Me Preschool Worksheet Printable

Since most preschoolers aren’t quite ready to write, let them draw! Ask your preschoolers to talk about themselves using this age-appropriate template.

They can draw their self-portrait in the top left space. To the right, they can draw over or circle what they love most. At the bottom of the sheet, you can ask them to zdraw their family.

All About Me Worksheet Preschool

Filling the All About Me Worksheet

Grab your free printable below. First step is to print it out and have the child fill it in with their information. They may need a little bit of guidance to get started.

Once the child is done coloring his worksheet, ask them if they wish to share their All About Me Worksheet with their friends. And for the “me” section, the child can draw themselves or you can add a real photo of them if you have one.

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How use the worksheets

You can use these worksheets in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have the kids pair up with a friend. And let the friend do their portrait and ask them what they prefer to fill out their sheet.
  • Have the friend present their friend to the class.
  • Do an “All About Me” wall in the classroom.
  • Ask the kids to add up the preferences in the class (ie: How many friends love apples?)

There are so many things you can do. I hope this activity is a hit with your kids!

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