Easter Bunny Glow-in-the-dark Sensory Bottle

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Glow in the dark sensory bottle

We love sensory bottles but this one is even more fun!   And you only need 2 ingredients.  Something else that’s amazing?  You can make it in a few minutes! 

 Here’s what you need make this sensory bottle: 

  • Hot Water (just a little more than warm – not too hot that it will melt the bottle!)
  • Elmer’s Glow in the dark glue 
  • Empty bottle (for additional safety I am using an empty vitamin bottle with a safety cap.  You can use any type of bottles.)

Download the bunny printable here.

Step 1 – Fill up 2/3 of your bottle with warm/hot water. 
Step 2 – Squirt half of the glue in the bottle.
Step 3 – If needed, add more water at the top of the bottle so that you leave just a bit of room at the top. 
Step 4 – Close the lid tightly and shake the bottle for a few minutes until the glue & water mix. 
Step 5 – Glue or tape the bunny printable pieces on the bottle.  (Download the printable here).

And ta-da! You have an Easter Bunny Glow-in-the-Dark Sensory Bottle! 


You may need to leave the bottle near a light for a few minutes to activate the glow.  
TIP:  I would also recommend leaving the bottle on a window sill during the day so its constantly “charged” 

You may

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