DIY Fidget Advent Calendar Empty Box

DIY Fidget Advent Calendar

Here’s a DIY Fidget Advent Calendar with these empty boxes with a Pop It pattern. Fidgets are the coolest gifts this year. This fidget advent calendar would then make you the coolest person on earth for that child!

Empty Fidget Advent Calendar

DIY Fidget Advent Calendar

Fidgets are definitely the most popular toy of the season, hands down. It’s only normal that kids would also want them as Advent Calendars, right? I don’t blame them! Confession – I like fidgets too.

Some ready made advent calendars are available for purchase but I will say that the items in them are fairly cheap. You get what you pay for. So the idea of doing your own custom fidget advent calendar came to mind!

How to make your own fidget advent calendar

Our DIY Fidget Advent Calendar template is pretty simple. You simply have to download the file that contains all the different boxes. The boxes need to be printed on cardstock – 5lbs is good enough. There’s also the option to get it printed at a local print shop, like Staples.

Fidget Advent Calendar Printable

You will also get a blank template so that you can pick & choose which box size you need on what day. You simply have to write the day with a permanent marker or pen (like the one in the picture you see below).

As shown below, you can also see what the finish folded box looks like. There are 4 different size available. Don’t worry – one is big enough for you to include a 5 inch Pop It! We had to make sure of that.

Below you will see a few pictures of the boxes and what kind of fidgets you could put inside. Keep in mind that you can also put in anything the child may enjoy. Consider stickers, treats, craft supplies, little toys, magic tricks and so much more! Grab your printable here.

Fidget Advent Calendar Box Gifts For Kids
Fidget Advent Calendar Pop It Gifts
Pop It Fidget Advent Calendar

What to put in a fidget advent calendar

It’s not always easy to find fillers for the advent calendars. I thought I would give you a few ideas to start.

  • Card game like Uno
  • Putty
  • Sweet treats
  • Stickers/Tattoos
  • Stress Ball
  • Cool erasers
  • Scented mini pens/markers
  • Mini chocolate bars
  • Gum
  • Lip balm

There are so many things you can include other than fidgets. And many of them are not too expensive! I hope your fidget advent calendar is a hit.

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