5-Minute Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day Card

An easy and simple Mother’s Day card you can make at home with very little supplies.  

All you need is: 
– a sheet of paper
– pencils, crayons or markers
– scissors


Step 1 – 
Draw a rectangle on a sheet of paper.

Step 2 – 
Fold the outer edges. 

Step 3 – 
Fold back the outer edges to meet in the middle. 

Step 4 – 
Draw a heart or any desired object – flower, smiley face, sun, etc. 

Step 5 – 
Cut the outer shape with scissors.

Step 6 – 
Color the card with supplies at home.  
They can even embellish with stickers, sprinkles, glitter, etc. if available. 

Mother's Day Card

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