Sensory Path Floor Decal Stickers for Kids

Create a sensory path with our affordable and colorful sensory floor decal stickers!
You can use these sensory paths in your home, at school and daycares, in waiting rooms, and even in shopping malls.

Sensory Floor Decals

Sensory Path Floor Decals for Kids

As a Mom of a child with sensory needs, I create and design these simple & affordable sensory paths with specific goals in mind. They are colorful, capture the child’s attention, and give them the body break they crave.

I strongly believe in action-based learning which sensory paths are all about. As they hop around, not only are they getting a sensory break but they are also practicing gross motor skills.

Our sensory paths are simple for a specific reason. If a path is too busy, it can create sensory overload which goes against the purpose of a sensory path.

Quality of our Sensory Paths

We make our sensory pathways with the highest quality of commercial vinyl products available. They are covered with an anti-slip laminate (rated R11) and are highly durable as they can last a long time if well maintained and protected. We are one of the only providers with odorless sensory paths!

We are very proud to be one of the ONLY providers with the following certifications:

Sensory Path Safety Certifications

In a nutshell, our sensory paths are odorless, anti-slip, fire rated as well as acrylate free.

See how easy they are to install!

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What are the Benefits of Sensory Paths?

Sensory Paths are amazing for children’s development.  A few key benefits: 

  • Works Gross Motor Skills – Balance, Movement, etc.
  • Practices Hand-Eye Coordination and Spatial Awareness
  • Helps with Sensory Processing Issues & Sensitivities 
  • Get Kids to Move More, Expel Some Energy, and Increase Muscle Tone
  • Creates an Action-Based Learning Activity
  • Helps them focus and remain calm 
school hallway sensory path

What is an Example of a Traditional Sensory Path?

Sensory paths have traditionally existed for decades. One example is the well-known hopscotch. I believe this popular game has been played for over 300 years! Mazes are another traditional type that is still popular as a sensory path. The famous game, Twister, could also be considered a sensory path.

Why are Sensory Paths Important?

Sensory paths (or sensory pathways) give a child a body-break opportunity all while learning. As they walk, jump, and hop around their body gets the exercise it needs in order to learn better. You can use sensory paths to help kids develop gross motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Our sensory pathways, like the Follow the Shapes Path (and many others in our shop), are designed with several exercises that help develop motor skills. The Rain Drop Hopscotch will help the kids with balance and coordination. Our Sensory Activity Spots will help them with specific movements, spatial awareness, and more. 

If you have more questions, please view our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here or open a chat with us!