Fidget Sensory Box

A Fidget Box that will bring satisfaction to kids who crave some sensory stimulation.  All items are curated by a Sensory Mom who is always trying to find the next best toy or fidget to satisfy sensory needs.  

Great for kids & adults with Autism, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety and more.  
They keep them busy and focused! 

Happy Fidget Box Customers

"Excellent! Thank you so much!!"
(Product: Pick Your Own Box)
Quebec, Canada
March 17, 2021
"Amazing items! And the item came 9 days before the expected delivery date which is crazy to me because it took only about a week to get to the other side of the U.S. from Canada. Thank you so much!"
(Product: Pick Your Own Box)
Arizona, USA
March 15, 2021
"I absolutely love everything I got. Great for someone with AD/HD." (Product - Pick Your Own Box)
Nova Scotia, Canada
February 24, 2021

What is a Fidget Sensory Box?

A sensory box is an amazing experience for any kid (and adult!) who enjoys fidgets.  Our boxes are filled with the best fidgets on the market.  We offer a variety of sensory fidgets and toys that can satisfy all sensory needs and therapies, from stretchy to squishy to puzzle type toys.

What are the benefits of Fidget toys?

A fidget toy is a great tool to reduce anxiety and stress, while increasing focus and learning capabilities.  Fidgets are often used as self-regulating tools for kids who find themselves over-stimulated by their environment.  They can also be used to improve fine motor skills, hand and finger coordination (dexterity) and flexibility.  It can also support hand muscle development. 

What are the benefits of fidget toys for adults?

Fidgets can be highly beneficial for managing anxiety, stress, lack of focus and just an overall feeling of restlessness, at work and/or at home.  Adults tend to fidget without recognizing it as fidgeting.  Some examples of fidgeting –  doodling, clicking a pen, tapping, spinning a ring, etc. To some extent, we have all experienced some fidgeting at some point or another.

What fidget toy should I get?

We offer a variety of fidgets to satisfy a variety of sensory needs.  You know your own or your child’s preferences best which is why we created a Pick Your Own Sensory Box.  You can select from a list of fidgets and toys that can benefit you or the person receiving the box.  

Sensory Boxes Currently Available:

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