16 Pop It Learning Activities and Ideas for Kids

Pop It Fidgets make amazing learning tools. These pop-it fidgets are definitely the most bought fidget toy right now. Fidgets are amazing tools to help kids with anxiety, focus and to lessen fidgeting in class.

But how can we use them pop its as a learning tool? While watching my daughter play with her bubble pop fidget, I had so many ideas. I decided to create some pop it learning activities.

Pop It Learning Activities for Kids

Pop It Learning Activities

1 – Alphabet Recognition

I created these Pop It Alphabet Printables to use the Pop It Fidgets as learning tools! Kids can use these worksheets to recreate the letters on their Pop It. Great activity to help kids with letter recognition!!

Pop It Learning Activity

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2 – Number Recognition

Similar to the alphabet one above, kids can recognize numbers by popping them on a pop it fidget. As the reviews say, these pop it printables are really engaging all kids.

Pop It Printable Learn Numbers

3 – Tracing Sensory Trays

I love sensory play – most kids really enjoy it as well. Why not use the pop it in a sensory learning tray!
The kids can pop the letters, fill the bubble with pompoms and then trace the letters above with their fingers, a brush, a marker – infinite possibilities!

Pop It Sensory Tray Alphabet Numbers

4 – Letter Formation

Use these worksheets to create a sensory learning tray. The student can pop the letters and then trace them with their finger, erasable markers (if you laminated them!) and so much more.

Pop It Learning Activity Alphabet

5 – Subtraction and Addition

Roll 2 dice and then let the child pop each number on one line. Then let them add or subtract by counting each popped bubble.

6 – Repeat a Pattern

Use these Pop It Pattern Worksheets to help kids learn how to repeat a pattern using their favorite new toy!

Pop It Learning Activity for the Classroom

7 – Skip Counting

Let the students push down the bubbles as they count in 2’s, 5′, 10’s.

8 – PomPom Transfer

A simple activity that can help kids work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can also use water beads, beans, marbles, and other small objects that may fit in the bubbles.

9 – Counting

Students roll a dice, they can count how many dots and then pop that many bubbles on their pop it.

10 – Following Directions

They can learn to follow the teacher’s directions as you told them how/what bubble to pop on their pop it. You can also pair them in teams of 2 and they have to follow the directions of their teammate.

11 – Count and Graph

Let the kids practice count, pop, and graph with these great worksheets!

12 – Multiplications

Use a pop it to help them practice multiplications. For example – when doing 2×2, let them pop 2 bubbles in 2 different rows. Then let them count the number of bubbles popped.

13 – Syllable Pop

Instead of asking your students to clap the syllables, they can now pop them!

14 – Alphabet Letter Work

A new spin on the common letter work printable! Adding the Pop It will make this learning activity more interesting for the kids since it’s a popular toy and it feels like play.

Alphabet Worksheet with Pop It

15 – Sounding out words

For each phoneme, the child has to pop a bubble. So for the word “dog”, they would pop out 3 bubbles (d-o-g).

16 – One-to-one Correspondence Activities

The Pop It provides an opportunity for the child to learn 1-1 correspondence with a hands-on activity. As they put the little objects in the bubbles, they can count them as they go.

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