Make Your Own Sponge Paint Brush

Create a different sensory experience with these DIY Sponge Paint Brushes.    It requires very little supplies and best of all, very easy to create!   Here’s what you’ll need: 

– Sponges
– Paper Rolls 
– Scissors 

That’s all you need.   You can use these paint brushes with paint, water, mud and more. 

How to make them:

Step 1 – Cut a line 1-2 inch deep across one end of a sponge (as shown here). 

Step 2 – Cut each ends at every inch, as shown here.

Step 3 – Squeeze the uncut end of the sponge and push it inside the paper roll.

You can cut them in various ways or leave them full, as shown here.   

Have fun! 


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