What if you child's drawing could be featured in a kid's coloring book?

So fun, right??

Interested?  Here goes. 

The process is simple and at no cost to you. 

 1 – Your child draws a coloring image with a dark marker – outline only as it will be a coloring image. 
If your child loves to draw on the tablet – that also works really well! 

2 – Once completed – scan the image or take a picture with your phone/tablet.  
Just make sure you are taking the picture in a very well lighted area so that it is clear.

3 – Simply upload your picture with your email, your child’s name (first name or initials) and age.

NOTE – your child’s information will be printed at the bottom of their coloring page (not your email). 
We request your email in case there’s an issue with the drawing and to also let you know when the coloring book is published and available to purchase.    

If you have any questions or comments, please scroll down to the contact form to send them to us. 

Imagine your child’s face when they see their drawing in a book?  So exciting! 

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT:  June 19th, 2020

*This book will be available to purchase around the world through Amazon at a very low price for all families to enjoy!  

Publisher of Jumbo Tracing Book for Toddlers & Preschoolers!

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