Glow in the Dark Bath

Glow-in-the-dark (or Glow stick baths) are the best! Bath time is a special time for kids. It’s a time to relax, have fun, and get clean. But sometimes, bath time can be a little mundane.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of glow-in-the-dark bath ideas for kids! These baths are sure to make bath time more fun and exciting for your little one.

glow stick sensory bath

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Glow in the Dark Bath Ideas

To make glow-in-the-dark baths, we will stick with the safest options. I will suggest adding some toys or objects to the tub that will create a “glow in the dark” type bath.

How to Make a Glow-in-the-Dark Sensory Bath

1. Glow Sticks

The easiest way for you to make a glow-in-the-dark bath for your child is with glow sticks!
You can buy tubes of them at Dollar Tree. You only need a handful of them. Simply activate the sticks and throw them in the water. Supervise your child at all times to make sure they don’t bite the sticks. *DO NOT CUT THE GLOW STICKS*

TIP – If you want to reuse the glow stick, put them in the freezer while they are still glowing after the bath. They could be reused the next day, depending on how long they’ve been lit up!

glow stick sensory bath for kids

2. Light Up Toys

Go on the hunt to find little light-up bath toys to add more fun to your glow baths. You can find them on Amazon or even at the Dollar Store. These toys will light up as they touch the water. Here are a few examples.

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3. Pool Lights

Who says pool lights can only be used in the pool?! We bought a floating one that you can use in the tub and it lights up the bottom of the bath! And we have some pool light-up shapes as well.

4. Lighted Balloons

Now, what if you took your glow sticks and put them in balloons and let them float around in the tub? So fun right!! You may want to use smaller glow sticks, like the bracelet size, for this one.

4. Sensory Lights

I love to add some sensory lights to this bath experience. We are a sensory family so we have lots of them! I usually opt for a light that projects little waves of colored light to the ceiling and walls as it turns. It’s soft but creates a great ambiance for the bath.

sensory lights for bath time

I love these two lights! They are so versatile and you can use them in any room of your house.

Are glow sticks safe in the bath?

Glow sticks are safe as long as the instructions on the packaging are followed. Always supervise your child while playing with glow sticks.

Are glow sticks waterproof?

Glow sticks are made of a plastic tube that protects the substances and the glass capsule. The plastic tube is completely sealed making it waterproof. Please always supervise as they can have some defects.

Can I reuse the glow sticks?

If you use the glow sticks for a short amount of time, place them in the freezer once you’re done and you might be able to reuse them the next day! The cold temperature slows down the chemical reaction which extends its life.

Disclaimer: Please use the glow sticks at your own discretion. Always supervise your child during play.

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