FREE eBooks – Disney, Sesame Streets and more!

Find free eBooks on Apple Books and Google

Apple Books and Google Play Books are offering FREE eBooks & audiobooks for kids!
(And adults too!) 

You can find Sesame Street and some Disney books for FREE (Limited time – so download them now!).  No promo code required.   

For Apple Books – you can access them through the iOS app. 
For the Google Play Books – available through the Google Play Store online. 

Just a few examples (links will direct you to Google Play Books): 

Sesame Street – Monster at the End of the Book 
All tucked in on Sesame Street
ABC’s of Cookies

Winnie the Pooh (Audiobook)

They also have free eBooks and Audiobooks for adults.  Have a look!

Most eBooks are readable on a computer, Android, iOS and e-readers.   Please check with each publishers for instructions.


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