DIY Sensory Colored Viewers

See the world in colors with these DIY color viewers!

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If you have a kid who’s in love with color, they will love this! 

This sensory activity is suitable for all ages, from toddler to preschoolers to older kids! 

Also a great STEM activity to teach them about color mixing and coloured shadows (on walls, floor, etc).   

What you will need for this activity: 

– Cardboard (shipping box, cereal box, etc)
– Colored Cellophane
– Glue (hot glue was used here)
– Optional – duct tape

Why I love Cello sheets!

These cello sheets are amazing!  You can do so much with them – viewers (like this one or glasses), sun catchers, window decorations, and so much more!  If you don’t have them on hand, you can order them here at Amazon –


Step 1 – Cut out 2 identical shape of your choice in the cardboard material to create the form of the viewer.  

Step 2 – Cut out a cellophane sheet to size + 1 inch around.  You need that extra space to apply the glue.

Step 3 – Apply glue (hot glue here) around the inner frame of your viewer.  Then quickly press the cello piece over the glue. 

Apply the glue on the edge of the cardboard so it can adhere better to the other cardboard piece.   

Here is our final product!  I added some coloured duct tape around the edges to prevent any cuts for my toddler. You can use any kind of tape on hand.  But if you’ll be doing lots of activities, I love these –

These viewers are very sturdy – even more so if you add the tape! 

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