DIY Chalkboard Placemat

Make your own chalkboard placemat!  

We love drawing with chalks in this house.   I was looking for ways to bring this fun activity inside the house and came up with this idea!  Hope your kids enjoy it. 

What you'll need:

– A plastic placemat (get the sturdy ones – $1 at the dollar store!)
– Blackboard Wall Sticker Rolls (got my 2 pack at the dollar store for $4)
– Chalk or Chalk Markers (love the chalk markers as they leave no residue)

How to make it:

Step 1 – Unroll a portion of your blackboard sticker and position your placemat so that it covers it all.  Leave at least an inch all around to fold over. 

Step 2 – Cut your the sticker sheet and place a heavy object at both ends (I used a can of food). 

Step 3 – Remove backing of the sticker sheet, by lifting one side at a time, putting back the heavy object as soon as you’ve lifted that side.  If you don’t, it’ll roll onto itself and stick!  Not great. 


Step 4 – Take your placemat and place it face down on the sticker sheet.  You can start by applying it from one side to the next if you wish.  I’ve done both and they both work well. 

Step 5 – Trim the sticker sheet, leaving an inch all around so that you can fold it over.  Once done, fold over the excess. 

Step 6 – If you see any air bubbles, simply remove by pressing and pushing with your hand.  You could also use a flat object but be careful not to scratch the blackboard. 

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