52 Creative Drawing Prompts for Kids

Creative drawing prompts are amazing to spark creativity in the little minds around us. I love how they provide just a little bit of guidance and leave plenty of room for imagination – all at once! I also love that there’s no WRONG way.

Some kids struggle with a blank page and they need just a little nudge to kickstart their creativity. This is why I love prompts so much. And if you’re here, you’re searching for them too!

If you’re a teacher by chance – this is a great way to start an art class or for morning work to kick off your day! It’s a great conversation starter as well.

Creative Drawing Prompts For Kids

52 Creative Drawing Prompts for Kids

Here’s a list to get you started with some drawing prompts:

1 – Create a drawing using only circles.
2 – Draw something BIG.
3 – Draw something SMALL.
4 – Fill this page with your favorite things.
5 – Draw your family as an alien family.
6 – Take 2 of your favorite animals and create 1 animal.
7 – Create a maze.
8 – Draw a scene of your favorite book.
9 – Draw a restaurant menu with your favorite foods.
10 – Draw your dream bedroom.
11 – Create your own birthday cake.
12 – Draw your world made of chocolate.
13 – Fill this page with squares.
14 – Create the sign for your candy store.
15 – Draw things that jump.
16 – Draw the portrait of someone near you.
17 – Draw a t-shirt you’d love to wear.
18 – Draw numbers 1 to 10 with patterns.
19 – Draw yourself with a superpower.
20 – Draw your favorite holiday of the year.
21 – Trace your feet and create something new.
22 – Draw what your imaginary friend would look like.
23 – Draw a house made of candy.
24 – You found a treasure. What does it have?
25 – Draw your friends as stick figures.
26 – Create your own kind of pizza.
27 – Draw a new emoji.
28 – Draw your favorite vacation spot.
29 – Draw your life when you’re grown up.
30 – Create a new invention.
31 – Draw yourself with superpowers.
32 – Draw what life on Mars would look like.
33 – Draw something filled with water.
34 – Create a page filled with fireworks.
35 – Create a drawing using only 2 colors.
36 – Draw 10 different types of flowers.
37 – Create your own Halloween costume.
38 – Make your own comic strip.
39 – Draw your name and every letter as an animal.
40 – You get a box by mail. What did you get?
41 – Draw things that start with the first letter of your name.
42 – Draw your last dream.
43 – Draw what you’d like for Christmas.
44 – Draw children playing your favorite sport.
45 – Draw a big storm.
46 – Draw a bug city.
47 – Ask someone what you should draw.
48 – Draw a mysterious stairway. What does it lead to?
49 – Create your own board game.
50 – Draw something that keeps us warm.
51 – Draw something with a gate.
52 – Draw your dream playroom.

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