10 Pop It Birthday Theme Ideas

Pop It Birthday

Kids are in love with the Pop Its. It is clearly the most popular toy of the year! And if you are here right now, you are scrambling to find ideas to make a Pop It Birthday Party for your child.  

There isn’t much available in stores (yet) but I am here to help you. 

I’ve compiled some of the best ideas for pop it birthday parties, from décor to cakes to gifts.  I hope you find some inspiration to create a memorable birthday for your special little person.

Pop It Birthday Theme Pinterest

10 Pop It Birthday Ideas

1 – Fidget Box Birthday Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the pop it birthday bash, look no further.  A custom fidget box is super popular.   Select only the fidgets they’d love best!  See it here.

Fidget Box Sensory Toys

2 – Pop It Dessert Bars

Watch the first 0.22 seconds to see how you can use a Pop It Fidget to create dessert bars!  Why not create a candy bar where they can create their own dessert bars.  How fun would that be for the kids!

3 – DIY Pop It Cake

If you make this pop it cake for your kid, you’ll be the coolest person on earth!!   Make some chocolate walls with the actual pop it.  Pop them and build your cake with some candies.  I believe they are using Skittles here, but you could use any colorful “button” candies.

Pop It Birthday Cake

4 – Bubble Pop It Cake with Smarties

Another idea for a fun pop it cake.  How easy is this cake??
All you need is some colored chocolate candies (also known as Smarties) and a colorful cake.
You can simply use plain icing too (think ready mixed vanilla buttercream mixed with various colors!).

Bubble Pop It Cake with Smarties

5 – Fidget Cookies!

If your child prefers cookies, why not make some Pop It Cookies!  These could also be the perfect favors for your child’s friends & family attending the celebration.  Who doesn’t love cookies!  Yum!

Pop it Fidget Cookies

6 – Pop It Notebook Journal

A great gift to add to their birthday bag or even give as a birthday favor to the guests! A Pop It Notebook that can be used for school notetaking or journaling.

Click on the following Amazon links – United States Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09GZ98YTL

7 – Cupcake Bubble Pop Toppers

If you don’t have time to make a cake but love the idea of cupcakes, check this idea out.
Grab these cupcake toppers and make it a Poppin’ Boppin’ Birthday! 

Pop It Cake Toppers

8 – Pop It Invitations Cards

No birthday party would be complete with some Pop It birthday invites!   Kids love to hand them over to their friends in hopes they can all attend their event.  Plus, this is a Pop It event.  Who doesn’t want to join the fun!

Pop It Invitation

9 – Pop It Birthday Card

No birthday is complete without a Pop It birthday card.  Your pop it lover needs an amazing card to remember this “Happy, Happy Poppin’ Birthday!”.   Simply download this birthday card & print at home on cardstock or regular paper.  Couldn’t be easier!  

Pop It Birthday Card

10 – Pop It Mosaic Balloons

I just discovered these, and I think it’s an awesome idea.  You purchase these templates and create your own arrangements of balloons in whatever shape you select.  You guessed it – this one is a Pop It Balloon Arrangement

Pop It Birthday Party Balloons

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